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 > What currency will my order be based on ? 

U.S. Dollars

 > Will there be any pop up adds placed on my website ? 

We do not place banners or popup adds on your website.

 > Will I be billed monthly or by the year ? 

We only bill you monthly. The date you signup will be the monthly billing cycle.

 > What plan would be the best for my needs ? 

It really all depends on how much room you need to store your pictures, text .. etc, and whether you need email features or not. If you would like aid in helping you pick the best plan, feel free to contact us at (952) 985-9638

 > Do you design the website for me ? 

The only part of our website that offers design features is located here.

 > If I choose a plan that doesn't fit my needs, can I upgrade ? 

You can upgrade to a different plan FREE of charge at any time.

 > Do I need to be a computer wizard to be able to make my own website ? 

If your familiar with basic computer use like for example Microsoft Word, building a website is very similar. We recommend the program Microsoft FrontPage for beginners.

 > How do I go about closing my account if I decide I don't want to continue with your services ? 

Simply send us a email with your request, and we will close your account without any further questions.

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